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1. Main responsibilities:

  • Building up and developing TTC Solution’s brand in the international market.
  • Plan to approach and operate activities to attract customers.
  • Contact customers, get customer’s request and transmit them to other departments of company.
  • Draft contracts, manage all contracts with customers.
  • Manage account receivable from customers and delivery status of each project from operation department in order to monitor period revenue.
  • Monitor and prepare monthly/quarterly and yearly revenue reports.
  • Find and report new business opportunities to team lead.
  • Follow and summarize progress of each specific task of Sales Department.
  • Analyze markets, look for potential customers, and make sales plans and strategies.

2. Requirements:

  • Vietnamese and being able to use English/Japanese fluently
  • Good understanding about IT or outsourcing service
  • Enthusiastic, passionate, be prepared to seize opportunities and challenges as well
  • Priority will be given to candidates having experiences in Sales, Marketing and Customer service

3. Benefits:

a. Opportunities for personal development– Working with a team of engineers, dynamic employees, rich enthusiasm, passion, and great ideals.

  • Willing to listen, respect for personal opinions, opinions for frank exchange, sharing for mutual development.
  • Trained by experienced leader, to direct career path clearly.
  • Participate into new training courses, advanced training in accordance with the capacity and aspirations.
  • Timely and accurate contributions and efforts are recorded.

b. Remuneration

  • Competitive salary + Commission
  • Overtime allowance, project bonus, exceeding the target, 13th bonus monthly salary, …
  • The company fulfills its insurance obligations; allowances for housing, petrol, lunch, maternity, children, weddings, birthdays, …
  • Periodically review salary increase 2 times / year or unexpectedly according to the assessment.
  • Supported equipment and tools necessary for performing the job.
  • Certification allowance related to job position.

c. Spiritual life

  • Professional, friendly and open working environment. The members of the company close, sticking, caring, helping each other develop together.
  • Participate in monthly teambuilding activities and annual tourism.
  • The company always encourages and creates the best conditions for all employees.
  • The company organizes monthly birthdays for employees, organizes bonuses and announces holidays during the year.
  • Diverse cultural and sports activities: football club, gym, swimming….

4. Application:

Email: [email protected]

Title: [TTC SOLUTIONS]_Applied position_Full name

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